Tuesday, September 4, 2012

7 Primary Responsibilities of Leaders

Via Greg Baer's Real Love in Workplace

Remember that as leaders we have seven primary responsibilities:

  1. To love people—fellow employees, direct reports, fellow managers, vendors, and customers - unconditionally.
  2. To give people the information, training, materials, manpower, and other resources that will enable them to complete their assignments.
  3. To teach people how to unconditionally love those around them.
  4. To encourage people to find an innate sense of meaning in their jobs, especially as they experiment with creativity and innovation. Th is naturally includes supporting people as they make the inevitable mistakes that accompany experimentation.
  5. To give people a sense that they own their jobs and are responsible for them.
  6. To put people in the jobs best suited for their talents and desires.
  7. To hold people accountable—in a loving not controlling way—for their responsibilities.
This is a to-read book in my list.