Sunday, August 21, 2011

Twelve reasons we need love at work

Via Love At Work

Twelve reasons we need love at work:


  • Otherwise narcissism, control, domination, unhealthy competition, selfishness, isolation, suspicion, and mistrust will dominate our work-life experience.
  • Leadership without love dehumanizes and trivializes people.
  • Justice is possible in the workplace only through love.
  • Love releases energy, and employees deserve to have energy left over at the end of the day for their partners, their kids and their communities.
  • Love is the only antidote to our individualism, consumerism and narcissism.
  • As substantive research shows, loving relationships are one of the vital cures to our current epidemics of mental illness, heart disears and cancer.
  • Love unlocks emotional engagement, the source of discretionary effort that produces spectacular results.
  • Love grows us into mature human beings able to create a better world.
  • Love scratches our itch to make a difference through our work.
  • Love achieves mastery, since you cannot master anything without passion.
  • Love enables us to understand each other.
  • Love can create a sustainable planet.

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